Crazydeals UI/UX by Vazeer Abbas

Vazeer Abbas project was to completely redesign the look and feel of UAE leading eCommerce company. Vazeer and his team worked hard to this and redesigned this project from scratch based on their research and analysis.

This project was divided in 2 phases one the main website and other responsive mobile version. We kept it as simple as soon and most user friendly in all way possible. We came up with design after research and user feedback, after comparative analysis of market. Finally design came after lots of mockup design and changes.
-Vazeer Abbas

Vazeer Abbas

The main inspiration in term of design is Dieter Rams (Barun) and his rules of simplicity. On the other hand, my main motto behind design is to keep it as simple as possible, the minimalist style. The only thing I can part with my fellow artists is to love what you do and do what what you love.
-Vazeer Abbas

About Vazeer Abbas

Vazeer Abbas is currently working as Creative designer for more than 8 years, designing experience ranging from print, web, user interface, social media, to 3d designing. He has worked for clients in advertising, hospitality business, real estate, eCommerce and more. Vazeer mainly self taught himself about Photoshop, illustrator in school and then later on was refined when joined Diploma in Game animation and designing. See more of his works on Behance.