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Create Own Illustrations

Create Own Illustrations

Viacheslav Krychkovsky
November 2, 2021

The aim of the project was to create a set of characters and objects with which you can quickly and easily create interesting scenes for web and mobile applications. Illustration is a good tool in attracting attention, which is why I decided to help businesses and created a small library of characters and objects that can improve product promotion.

I thought about the idea of the project a few months ago. I often received offers to create illustrations to increase the attractiveness of sites and always agreed because I like to improve the look of products and work with nice companies.
However, I decided to create a set of characters and objects that can be easily combined to create unique scenes that will convey the essence of the brand and visually complement it.

This project I created in the Illustrator because thanks to it you can easily create vector images and this is exactly what I needed. It's convenient to create illustrations in the vector, because if necessary, they can be increased to incredible sizes.
In the beginning I created the list of objects which necessarily should be and it gave understanding what necessary to add. This greatly accelerated the work on the project so I moved quickly and understood how the work was progressing.

I received a lot of support because similar sets aren't often created, most companies use ready-made illustrations where they don't have the opportunity to create their own scenes.
I'm not the first to create something like this but I think that library of illustrations can help a lot of businesses improve visibility and connect with customers.

I will be glad to hear your thoughts on this project. Thanks!

Viacheslav Krychkovsky

I'm an Ukrainian illustrator and grahpic designer based in Kyiv, Ukraine. I create covers for books and magazines and also illustrate stories. I like to experiment with colors and unusual styles to better convey the essence. I like to find interesting combinations of fonts and their successful use.

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