Creative Lettering Vol.4

I love creative lettering long time ago and I practise every day for being better and get a nicer technique. One day, I decided to start doing different projects or volumes to check my progress and see if I was improving. This is the fourth from other three volumes I did before and it’s made by five handmade letterings.

I made the pieces because I love drawing letters and I like to look for inspiration, practise and get better. They’re created by different styles and materials: hand drawing with pen, brush pen and Adobe Illustrator pencil. I preferred to make them just using a couple of colours because I wanted the project to be homogeneous and elegant. I also think that black is the best colour to unify different pieces and the best way to show letters in hand drawn style.

First at all, I make the sketches by pencil. After that, I normally retouch them with a pen, a brushpen or a marker (depending of the style I want it to be). In the end, I scan the final artworks made in paper and I get it in the computer, where I use to retouch again using Adobe Photoshop (to have them cleaner).

I like to now the people opinion so I normally upload my work when I finish it to different social networks like Instagram, Facebook or Behance. I learn everyday from every project I do because I feel that it’s very important to practise to get better.

Lucia Gomez

Handmade and craft stuff lover, Lucía is a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in London.
Her references include international publications like Geek Art Book-An Anthology (Volume 3) and collaborations for Principia Magazine, Creative Digest or Staf Magazine.
Lucía finds inspiration in her favourite movies, TV Shows and rock music which is reflected in her specialities: hand drawn and vector illustration, typography and creative lettering.
She is available for creative works, collaborations and will be happy to help you as artistic adviser.