Cristian Ricardo

Photography takes different paths all the time and this is because each photo is different, each decision behind the camera makes a difference and what we usually see in the photographs are ideas, visions of our world from each person, is the materialization of a mental vision. That vision was what led me to make this photo shoot.

The city of Santiago de Chile grows rapidly and each neighborhood is representative of some social, architectural and economic lifestyle. That is why it occurred to me to show a little of everything, to have a subject, a style of modern image and clear the funds that accompanied this story.

The place chosen is the financial center of Santiago de Chile or as it is called “Sanhattan” because of its resemblance in spirit to the big apple (NYC), the type of clothing was chosen between the subject to photograph and me, something contemporary, striking and of original style such as Cris.

I chose a 50mm 1.8 STM lens for this session, looking for frames that will not only show Cris, but also his actions and surroundings. In a relaxed way we took a walk and joke on the street while I raised my camera to take some pictures or suggest a pose in a certain place.

The time limit was given by the sun, once the night fell it was time to lower my camera and go for something to eat … there was not really a great preparation, my idea of ​​photography is to live the experience and capture that moment, not only looking from the outside but also part of all that, that is why photography for me is nothing more than my vision of life.

My tools are as simple as my Canon 70D camera, a Canon 50mm STM 1.8 lens and a couple of hours on the computer using nothing more than Adobe Lightroom.

To work well the photography from the camera, facilitates the work at the time of the post processed of the image, in this way a fast and effective work is achieved.

People like this work very much, several were interested in having their own photo shoot, they adapted to their own personal style and that’s great for me, they do not impose a photographic style in which the subjects adapted and adapted the style to the subject.

Javier Alfaro

self-taught photographer, Santiago de Chile.