Crossfit by Daniel Wilhelm

Crossfit is a really a tough sport, it’s the next step for a hobby athlete as it brings the athlete to the next level. Crossfitter take care of their bodies, they are outgoing and want to represent themselves. Let us take a look and be inspired with this kind of project created by Daniel Wilhelm, an industrial designer from Austria. Read on and enjoy!

The Athletes want to see the muscles and the hole body at work, – they want to see the pain. Therfore the first intention of the concept, was it to combine this feeling with the architecture structure of the urban cities, where the Crossfit is most popular.

– Daniel Wilhelm

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cross 3b

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cross 1

It‘s rough, it‘s edgy and it‘s a new sport. The typical male athlethe want a shoe that‘are designed for this special needs. The shoe itself, is like a motorcrossbike – everthing thats not necessary for the sport is missing but the rest of it is clearly designed for action.

– Daniel Wilhelm

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About Daniel Wilhelm

Daniel Wilhelm is a 29 year old an industrial designer based in Linz, Austria where he has worked for some big companies. He is addicted to sneaker and Footwear design which combines every single aspect of design, color and trim, product, and even graphic. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile