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CrossWinds Webpage Concept

CrossWinds Webpage Concept

Lauren D'Angelo
July 8, 2018
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While job-searching, a company I applied to asked me to design a webpage for CrossWinds Counseling and Wellness. They asked this in order to see my skill level prior to interviewing me. In the design concept I came up with, I tried to go for the style they wanted along with putting my own twist on things.

The company that had me redesign this webpage asked that it be warm and inviting, able to capture their target audience, and for it to be easy to navigate through. The current webpage's design is a bit outdated, so one of my main goals with this project was to make the overall style more modern. With the webpage's business being in the medical field, I also wanted to keep it professional, but interesting. The colors and typography I chose for this project are also a big part of the style goal; staying professional-looking, but also current and interesting.

The design software I am most comfortable with is definitely Adobe Illustrator, so that's the one I used to lay everything out in. I began by searching for stock photos and fonts that matched the aesthetic I had planned out in my head. Then I began to write out all of the information given, in order to see how it would fit in certain areas, along with each section's corresponding photo. I essentially moved around each element until I was satisfied with the layout. I tried to add in a couple little symbols and shapes that repeated within each section or some of the sections, in order to give it a small consistent element, as well.

I would say I definitely learned a lot from this project. I recently graduated from college, so before this, I had done very little web design - some in school, some outside of school. Honestly I wasn't sure web design would be my favorite type of design work, but this project was actually very enjoyable to complete and I'm very content with the end result. This project taught me just how important the layout and sizing of images, type, and other elements impact the overall style.

Lauren D'Angelo

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