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Crudo | Raw Food Restaurant by  Lucas Berghoef

Crudo | Raw Food Restaurant by Lucas Berghoef

Honey Adraque
October 27, 2015
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Crudo was founded by Boetje Broeders and Jim van Putten, their goal is to get the mainstream public to live a more healthy lifestyle which involves eating more biological raw products from local farmers. The restaurant needed a design for their logo, identity and website and they asked Byron Advertising Agency, for which Lucas Berghoef worked, to create this for them.

Crudo is Spanish for raw, I believe that the Spanish mainly use it to describe raw meat, if I’m not mistaken. But the owners of Crudo decided it would be a fun play on words to use this for their vegan raw food restaurant. The inspiration for the design came entirely from the fresh biological products that Crudo uses in their restaurant. Their identity and website needed to reflect this freshness because it is what makes Crudo ao unique. So the design is entirely focused on presenting these fresh products to the potential clients that visit the website.

- Lucas Berghoef




The assignment started with the creation of the logo for Crudo. The logo for Crudo has a horizontal curve sliced out of it, this curve represents a smile which you get from the healthy lifestyle that Crudo promotes. The typography is underlined with this same “smiling” curve to accentuate this positivity. The design for Crudo was made with high resolution photographs of the ingredients that they use most in their restaurant. The client gave a list of the biological products which are most important to them and I made a selection of those ingredients based on which were the most visually attractive. These photographs were combined with the bold lettering in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe illustrator was used to create the logo.

- Lucas Berghoef



I can’t remember where I first saw the idea of combining typography with photography to create more depth in the letters but that is what inspired me most. I wanted to create my own take on this idea by combining vibrant fresh colours with a bold font and fresh biological products. The biggest challenge on creating the design for Crudo was time. Combining the photography with the typography was very time consuming which meant that I slightly exceeded the time allowed within the budget. But in the end it was more than worth it!

- Lucas Berghoef



The design for this identity went through a lot of drafts & phases before it got this far. Especially with the design for the logo. There were about 8 rounds with more than 5 unique designs for the logo in each round. The first designs for the website were entirely based on photographs of the restaurant itself. But after feedback from the client saying that they thought the photographs didn’t reflect the freshness that they wanted them to we took the design in a different direction. Using vibrant, fresh colours and bold typography as a starting point for the overhaul of the design we took the identity of the brand in a new direction. After seeing the first results of the bold typography, the vibrant photography and colours both the client and myself were sure that this was the way to go.

- Lucas Berghoef




Lucas Berghoef

Lucas Berghoef is a freelance graphic designer with a passion for simplistic but atmospheric designs. His favourite thing to do is identity design because he loves being part of creating the “face” of a brand, everyone who encounters a brand gets their first impressions from this brand identity. He thinks it’s an honour to create something so important for his clients. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile.

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  1. Super logos, j'adore le fait que le texte interagit avec les autres éléments du l'image, donnant une illusion de profondeur. Super travail. Le menu est génial, c'est mon préféré!

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