Cooling sensor and pad of this medical appliance deliver a cooling energy only to a selected fat cell. That is, it does not give any effect to surrounding skin, blood vessel, nerve and tissue etc. and solely destroy the fat cells in a natural way. It can be an effective way to improve body shape.

We wanted to minimize the inconvenience when using it by reducing the size of existing products and wanted to give users confidence by analyzing medical device design trends. So We hope people will feel safe and enjoyable while using the product.

Design with Jichang Kang, Jiyun Kim

Modeling was carried out by optimizing the size through structural change. The combination of white, gray and black color expresses the feeling of medical equipment. In addition, we wanted to convey the brand image to users with mint color which is the point color of the product.

Modeling – Rhinoceros / UG NX
Rendering – Keyshot
Revision – Photoshop, Illustrator

People use the product easier and comfort because the overall size of the product is greatly reduced by changing the position of the internal parts of the product. Through this project, I noticed the importance of optimizing the internal components as well as the appearance.

Youngdo Choi