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Igor Sirotov
February 25, 2021

Kiev, Ukraine. A project was implemented in the Domosfera Shopping Center, a salon called " Concepts".
We are happy to share photos of our new completed project and will be very happy if it finds a response in your hearts!
Interior design by Igor Sirotov Architects.

The idea was to create a stylish black kitchen salon. My credo is "functionalism and space". The interior should be ergonomic, full of light and air. Nothing superfluous. I prefer restrained minimalism and refined achromatic color combinations — asceticism of form and color.

Our team keeps up with the times. Therefore, experts use innovative computer technologies. This helps you create accurate working drawings. The attention of customers is attracted by the author's furniture, original texture, exclusive style of the room. For the implementation of creative ideas, only environmentally friendly materials are used.

The customer is our active partner in cooperation, he was very satisfied with our result. Visitors of the "Concepts" department also lovingly accepted the updated interior and paid attention to the exclusivity of the salon. Since the renovation, the salon has been receiving more and more active visitors.

Igor Sirotov

Services of architectural design, interior design and visualization
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