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CUE UI Mockup by Lenn Hypolite

CUE UI Mockup by Lenn Hypolite

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December 3, 2015
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CUE UI is a pitch presentation illustator Lenn Hypolite did for a mobile app startup company called CUE. The program connects barbers from all over the country to clients through an efficient mobile app.

The app is used to book appointments to the barber shop or book a barber to come directly to your home. My designs are the user interface for the main pages of the app.

  • The discovery page allows the user to filter the distance and location of the nearest barber.
  • The sign up page is self explanatory.
  • The Discovery page shows you an image of the barber, pictures of his work, customer ratings and distance of the barber to the user.
  • -Lenn Hypolite

    Lenn Hypolite

    I came up with the design after researching various other app UIs. I was ale to produce a unique structure inspired by the layouts I've seen from other well known apps. I consider my work to be new but unique. so I describe my style as a kind of "Neo-style".
    -Lenn Hypolite

    Lenn Hypolite

    My advice is to do as much work as you can and take on projects that will make you grow and get access to other promising projects.
    -Lenn Hypolite

    About Lenn Hypolite

    Lenn Hypolite started off drawing and painting as an illustrator and painter. Then came across Photoshop, InDesign, illustrator and After Effects in his second year in college and as a result he switched over to digital design. He then discovered web development which is now his focus. Lenn considers himself a Web Developer, Illustrator and Motionographer. But his career focus right now is Front End Web Development and design for the web and mobile. See more of his works on Behance.

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