Custom Characters

A Custom Character design inspired by football, among other things… This project is a digital illustration depicting a player on the Nigerian football National Team, the design style was inspired by Loogart.
Inspiration was also drawn from the football jersey design for Nike by Matthew Wolff.

I got inspired by characters designed by Loogart, a Montreal based visual design studio that specializes in illustrations.
I really loved their design and i wanted to replicate the style, the simplicity and colors really drew my attention.
The character is based off Ahmed Musa, a Nigerian International Footballer, he had an amazing game against Iceland in the recently concluded FIFA Word Cup Finals.
The design style has some significant from the Loogart style, the lower body of the character is longer and i decided to add more detail to the face of the character and texture to the overall character.

I sketched the art on Adobe Photoshop with my drawing tablet then finished the artwork on Adobe Illustrator.
The initial sketch was done on a piece of paper, i then proceeded to do the sketch again on Photoshop as well as add colors to have an idea of how the final design will look like.
I also had to reference the World Cup ball and the Nigerian National Team Jerseys, I wanted to make sure the design was as accurate as i could make it.

I initially posted the design and it’s process on my Instagram stories, I was getting a lot of positive feedback from people. Afterwards, i posted it on my page and a got lots of likes, so i guess there was an overall good reception of the project.
Also, there was a lot of buzz during the Word Cup and Nigeria just came off this amazing performance so it was expected.

Quadri Osho

Passionate, Creative, Goal driven and Versatile.
A Creative Designer with a primary focus in visual identity, motion graphics and a flair for packaging design. My goal as a designer is to change the way design is perceived in Nigeria, I strongly believe a good design solves problems while a bad design creates one. ‘Simplicity and Attention to detail’ is my maxim and I strive to maintain that philosophy in every draft.

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