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Custom Made Illustrations

Custom Made Illustrations

Paulina Wesolowska
February 12, 2018
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This project shows personalised illustrations, that were inspired from the photos sent from my clients. This is something that I love doing when I have a free time. Every illustration, shows a little piece of my client’s life, whether they have children or pets they always want to include them in my illustration.
I make illustrations for every occasion; wedding invitation, birthday, valentine's day etc.

By looking at the photos from my clients, I try to image how it will look like when it's combined in one illustration. The style of my work, is something that I developed throughout the years of experience. At first, I worked with Oils and Acrylics but then I started my journey with watercolours, I admit that I feel the most 'me' when I use them. The brand is Watercolours 'White Nights', on 270gsm paper.

At first, I draw out few, very quick sketches for my illustrations. I pick the best out and draw it with a pencil on a chosen size of my 270gsm paper. Then, using red colour pencil, I draw out final sketch with details.
After this, I'm making layers with watercolour paints, starting form the skin colour then hair, lastly clothing. I need two or three layers of paints for the details and shadows.

Lastly, when I finish with painting, I scan it to the computer and using Photoshop I'm adding some slight changes (curves, burn tool, dodge tool) to make the illustration a bit livelier.

When I send my work to my clients through email or post, they are very happy with the end results and often recommend me to friends, which makes me grateful and pleased.

From 'custom made illustrations' project I have learned to be proud of my own style and explore it with the world. Also, it tough me how to be confidence, and not to be worried whether people will like my work, because now I know that they appreciate and love it.

Paulina Wesolowska

Hello, my name is Paulina and I have graduated from University of Wolverhampton in Engalnd with degree in Illustration and Graphic Design. Now I live in Poland.

I'm a big fan of traditional work as well as digital, but there is nothing like the smell of paints and paper.

Besides, I love nature, castle ruins and cats.

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