CW01 – Arm Chair

CW01 – This chair reponds to temporal working practices, bridging the gap between office and communal space. The expanded area of the traferable armrest can be used as a working surface.
The steel exoskeleton holds the cushions in place. It is light strong, making movement and transition simple.
Structure of the frame controls how the cushions are held in place, firm enough not to slide out of position but easy enough to transform.
Working with tubular steel and a bending machine opens up a wide range of possibilities for furniture making.

Influenced by the moving way we interact within office spaces, bridging the gap between a comfortable upholstered piece of furniture and somewhere to work on the available arm which can also be changed to suit the users dexterity.

The material choices where enforced by the need for strong bodied furniture and providing enough comfort to the user with upholstery cushions that hold their form when in use.

The artwork was created using Manual tube bending machinery, MIG welding facilities and Powder coating treatments, all upholstery was undertaken in Wickford, Essex where the item is available to order in a range of textiles, the design was created over a few months of working out dimensions on CAD software which enabled for scrutiny before creating the final prototype.

I learnt that the project is unique in the market and there is always room for improvement as the manufacturing of the product would enable the user to decide on material finish and colour, production of the chair frame was done by myself which allowed me to learn a lot about the production of steel furniture framing and how to MIG weld to create joins between mild steel.

As mentioned the product is available for production, please follow the contact information provided.

Ryan Christy

Graduate in Product & Furniture Design, Currently studying the art of Upholstery to further his career in design working with international furniture brokers and high end retailers.