Cycles interior Render

Hello everyone My name is AYOUB ISMAILI, and this is a project i made for the purpose of learning first of all, and having a little fun with the materials and texturing .
i love working with blender and render my projects with cycles, all because of Gleb Alexandrov he is a great artist and the best in my opinion i learned a lot from him, if you want to learn blender check his Youtube channel you won’t regret it .
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i got the idea from pinterest, i was looking at some reference photos of real life interiors, and i tried to make my own style of how i would like it to be, because after all you are free to make it the way you want it, if it’s for a personal purpose.

i used Blender for modelling and texturing and also rendering, and i made some textures on Photoshop, and it was really fun working on a project like this one, i still have a lot to work on and improve, but over all it was a good experience .

I obvioulsy learned a lot while working on this project, and as i said i made this project for the purpose of learning, and i realized that i need to fix somethings, and whenever i face a problem,i ask people on blender forums and i get a respond very fast from them, they are really nice people and very helpful, i really like the Blender community.

I am nowhere near good at the moment but as long as i keep going forward i’ll get there someday for sure, i have only 7 months of blender experience, and what i mean is ” NEVER GIVE UP ” 😉

Ayoub Ismaili

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