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D Major Website by Bory Kim

D Major Website by Bory Kim

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November 2, 2015
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Dmajor is a new breed digital marketing company located in Seoul, South Korea. The “D” in Dmajor stands for “digital” and “major” is a statement that digital media comes first in today’s world. Dmajor’s business focuses in digital content development and distribution across multiple platforms including web, social and mobile. This project was all about design their portfolio website.


My initial goal was to design the most optimized version for both PC and Mobile platform by eliminating unnecessary decorative stuffs. There are 5 rectangles on the sub-page and each of them indicates a corresponding menu with perfectly optimized for Mobile environment. To maximize the intuitiveness and the focus of the audience, there will be simple text and sub-menu in every rectangle and added "+ button" to expand the whole description.
-Bory Kim

Bory Kim

Bory Kim


Keywords of the web design marketing agency "dmajor" are "Content innovation" and "Globalization". I wanted to find the most impact ways to deliver these messages and came up with an idea of making this phase "We don't create ad. We create content".
-Bory Kim


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I really like the design works of dieter rams.I believe the one of the most important strategy of design is to creating a consistent identity and requires courage to eliminate stuffs that doesn't fit against the strategy itself until the remains of the last and least piece of your design. Then you will naturally find the "simple and clean" design.
-Bory Kim



While I'm designing UX, there are many times that only the "rationality" will survive in the ends. But, I think it's not right. Because, good design can't be judged only by its rightness. Human being can accept both rational and beautiful stuffs at the same time and as a designer, it's very important to see things differently from the existing frame. People always evolve over time and the designer should also creates beautiful and different design to go along the current trends.
-Bory Kim



Bory Kim


About Bory Kim

Bory Kim is a a designer living in Seoul, the capital city of Korea with more than 15 years of experiences. Currently, she's working at Cashslide a mobile service providing company as a design director and handling design strategy, brand management, logo, interior, UI/UX as well. Before Cashslide, she used work as a head of design department in many start-up companies in Korea such as Glossybox, Groupon Korea, Noom Korea, and etc. See more of her works on Behance.

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