D.Sebastião I

This project is an illustration of D. Sebastião I, it was a king of Portugal that died in a battle in North Africa.
The legend says that the king will returns to Portugal in the fog to save the country.
The meaning of this illustration is to mix the romanticism of the historical legend and the reality (the dead of the king).

The idea came instantaneously, like the most of my work.
I wanted that the illustration had pinks and strong contrasts with other colors, so I choose a magenta card as the support of the illustration and watercolor pencils as technique.
The reason for wanted to have a strong presence of pink is that I waned to transmit the idea of romanticism and in the same way to have the sense of flashiness.
The other colors are more vibrate than they naturally should be to transmit the lotion of surrealism or fantasy.

The first step was the sketching part with graphite pencils directly to the support that i used and then I used an traditional technique to create the illustration with watercolor pencils and fixed the pigments with setting spray.
After that I scan the illustration and used Adobe Lightroom to edit (i only edited a bit the contrasts and the exposure).

I had a great response to the illustration, based on the number of likes and comments.
I always learn something with every single project that I do, in this particular, I had more patience and more attention to details and that made a difference so I will be more concentrated in that in the future projects.

This project was very especial to me because is about my culture and my country history.

Eva Policarpo

I’m Eva Policarpo, i’m 22 years old and i’m portuguese.

I mainlly work in the fields of drawing, illustration and painting but i also work in diferent areas like sculpture, instalacion and a bit of photography.
My work tends to be symbolic and metaphorical and the themes tend to be about my imaginary or about my personal life.