Daily Paper

I Teamed up with Charlotte Bienen from The Waywardway Blog for a small editorial with some Daily Paper SS’17 Pieces. I have worked with Charlotte before and she was perfect for styling this editorial. Special thanks to Daily Paper for supporting us.

Between jobs i like to work on my own personal style. This was a total freestyle. 10 min before the meeting my model and stylist i found this abstract spot in Amsterdam. The surrounding was a bit dramatic and dark so we choose this green top and blue/purple pants for contrast

I work with Photoshop and Lightroom, but mostly photoshop so i have full controle over every detail. I usually start in lightroom to select the best images and adjust basic lightning. Then i will retouching face, clothing and surroundings. After that i work on colors and contrast and finish with creating a lookbook to tell the full story.

I got some nice feedback but can always use the extra visual exposure. I would like add more creative poses next time. Altho we wanted to do a night shoot we had to creative because of wheather conditions. But the model did great!

Special thanks to Charlotten Bienen & Ayisha!

Darnell Rozenblad

Photographer and graphic designer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Enjoys fashion and street style photography. Freelancing for brands such as Nike, Daily Paper and Henry I Siegel.