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The Dark & The Light by Sujith Aravind

The Dark & The Light by Sujith Aravind

Sujith Aravind
September 19, 2017

The project " The Dark & The Light " is on showing how the human body could be shown beautiful using the shadows and the highlights. For me, this project is like I am creating a battle field for shadows and highlights on a human body.

Personally I love to express myself through the darkness, It's dramatic feel always pulled my mind to express my ideas through it. My main inspiration for this project came up from a common myth that ' The human body is the most beautiful art of God ' and I believed that.
so I wanted to express it more beautiful through my photographs, so I had played with the light and shadows to show the shapes, curves and other characteristics of human body.
The photographs are black and white because I wanted to make the contrast more in the photographs.

The software help I had in this project are very less, the main edit I had done is that I took the pictures in color and I had changed it to black and white in Photoshop later.
As I said I took these photographs in color, it's because I wanted to know my mistakes in every single click, Which could be easily understandable from color photographs.
Doing artistic nudes is always challenging for everyone when they do it for 1st time, for me myself I am a Fashion Photographer so the lighting I know is to show the garment or fashion more beautiful. The light hitting objects are different in both the cases so I had to wok on it first.
And the important thing while you are shooting fine art you must keep your model comfortable, if she's is not comfortable then you won't get what you need from that shoot.

The response I got from my friends , fellow workers were really great, they had also shown me the mistakes I had done which helps every photographer to make his work more better. And there were also bad responses too like why you taking photographs like these, these are not good, etc . But I was fine with that because I know how hard is to shoot that and I know the importance of those photographs.
And more I am learning about my capacity in photography whenever I go out of the comfort zone, When I am in a comfort zone I wont be able to know what I am capable of doing but when I did this project I came to know that I can do these kinda works too, that's the most important point I had learned from this project.

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Sujith Aravind

Fashion & Fine Art Photographer From India.
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