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Dark vs Light by Ahmer Farooqui

Dark vs Light by Ahmer Farooqui

Honey Adraque
April 15, 2015
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You know when you are succeeding or failing in your when you feel the dark and light battling with each other. However, today's feature is about an illustration that will show you that there will always time to rise again. Let us take a look at these designs created by a digital artist and graphic designer, Ahmer Farroqui and be inspired about it. Enjoy!

I made 3d modeling and sculpting on cinema 4D and post I have done in Photoshop and I already upload my basic reference making as GIF in behance.
This is one of the art piece of upcoming new digital artwork series " Dark Vs Light " so I made this for myself.
Inspiration always around us but my inspiration for this artwork is my enlightenment and another inspiration is Light in The Dark.
The concept behind this artwork is to show resistance who always stop you to do which you like to do which is some thing positive and productive and that resistance is our Sin and if you success to restore you positive energy then you can rise from that mud of Sin other wise one day you will be lost in that Sin word.

- Ahmer Farooqui







About Ahmer Farooqui

Ahmer Farooqui is a 28 year old Pakistani digital artist and graphic designer based on Dubai with seven years of experience specializing in branding, CGI retouching, 3D modelling, game design and digital art. He studied about design and art but he learned lot of things by himself and he loves to do what he is doing. You can find more of his artworks on his Behance profile.

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