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Dashboard UI Design by Alexey Igorevich

Dashboard UI Design by Alexey Igorevich

Stephen Malapote
May 12, 2015

To achieve a great user experience, designers take on the challenge of creating an equally great user interface (UI). Complimented by functionality, user interface design speaks a great deal about a product. Today, we will be featuring a design by Alexey, a skilled web designer and developer from Ukraine.

So I plunged into the world of web technologies an I am still very happy about that.
I do freelance work around the world, it is very inspiring when people from all over the world appreciate your work and want to cooperate with you.

For me, the main thing in design simplicity, clarity and expressiveness
I minimalist and constructivist. so in my works I try to stick to those principles
but I love the brightness and expressiveness
often have to combine it in the works

I wish you all never stop in their own learning, inspired and inspire others.

- Alexey Igorevich


About the Designer

Alex is a 23 years old web and graphic designer from Cherkassy, Ukraine where he was born and grew up also in. For more than three years, Alex has been designing web and international clients. He studied at the Faculty of Information Technology at the local university, but realized that it was not his passion and decided to pursue a self-study. You can find out more about him and his works by visiting his Behance profile or website.

3 comments on “Dashboard UI Design by Alexey Igorevich”

  1. The essence of every OS and app is its UI. If it doesn't have a responsive, attractive and minimalistic UI, then howsoever powerful your application might be, it will be a sure short disaster. This very attractive Dashboard UI design by Alexey Igorevich is one of the cleanest and coolest I have ever seen. Just loved the choice of colors and other elements.

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