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Day Return (The Hobbit)

Day Return (The Hobbit)

Nhan Le
October 25, 2016
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Artworks about a warrior wandering a long time, had just returned to his homeland has encountered an aggressive army of monsters to destroy approaching his village. I do not want to create scenes of war then, I want people to think for yourself what happened next in his wayThis scene is purely 3d everything except sky.I like to do everything in 3dmax and vray, not like using photoshop to intervene more.

Few time ago I had a strange dream about the land of the elves. Perhaps because I see too many movies the hobbit. I decided to recreate my dreams. I refer to the architectural, structural light of the hobbit movie lot. It has inspired me very strong

For models with simple textures I use 3ds max. complex structured model I use ZBrush and render with vray 3.2. As for my rock simple model in 3ds max and detailing in ZBrush sculpting. I used foam materials blend vray. It was indeed a great scene, but I was trying detail as possible. Hope you like it! Software to use : 3dmax 2014, VRAY 3.2, ZBrush, Photoshop

I've learned a lot of experience from this project, it gives me the idea of building skills, done things no truth to make others believe that it exists is indeed a difficult thing. I would love to lay down the bed and imagine what I would do, it helps inspire me every morning when waking up.

If you want to know more about my work please visit my Behance.

Nhan Le

I am a 3d Artist from Vietnam. I studied 5 years in the university of architectural design. In the fourth year of university I started to be interested and use 3dsmax and vray. Because of CGI passion I had followed the ArchVIZ when I left the university. And now I'm a free 3d Artist ArchViz.

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