Daze – Ice Cream Brand

Create a logo for ice cream lovers. Daze is a trance, the feeling you get when you watch ice cream melt onto your hands. It’s a love/hate thing. The original type of ice cream, on a cone, in any flavor you choose. Ice cream always fills me up with happiness and it constantly makes me daydream into childhood memories. Daze illustrates three scoops of ice cream, ready to be indulged.

The idea came naturally. I usually have a sketchbook nearby and while I was watching tv, an idea emerged. I wanted to do something with ice cream and the letterforms taking the shape of them in a minimalist way. I started brainstorming and came up with daze, short and sweet. Then found a typeface that was rounded in order for the idea to work visually. The colors are inspired by the original Neapolitan ice cream colors and then added the iconic pistachio flavor for some extra pop! I wanted to create a logo that was self-explanatory and that had the potential to fit into our current minimalist society.

I used Adobe illustrator from beginning to end. Usually, I begin by choosing and finding an array of typefaces for the design I envisioned. I then move onto the combination of typefaces and colors. The design, in this case, was already figured out, therefore it was quite simple to find what looked best.

Most of the people who enjoyed the logo were commenting on the playfulness of it. It was my goal to create a visual that arises childhood memories and my brainstorm was successful. I feel like nothing is better than having a well-researched product brainstorm.

Any word that reminds me of the idea is written down. You never know where the work will take you, maybe it’ll end up looking even better than you envisioned. Don’t forget about the concept, sometimes we can get carried away with its appeal.

Pamela Romano

Montreal graphic designer.
Interested in branding, typography, print & web design, pattern creation, illustration and motion graphics.

Online portfolio (Bēhance) – pamelaromano1
Email – [email protected]