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Christian Brazzan Ramos
July 24, 2018
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A wish won’t change anything. A decision changes everything.
This days I was feeling a little bit anxious and kinda sad for so many personal problems. One night, I felt so tired of trying to find a solution that I started to draw random characters that would express all my feelings at that moment. And suddenly I came up with this kinda demon that you don´t really know what really is.
That night, my story as an Illustrator started.

There´s always something on my head related to anxiety. I try to express what I really feel at the moment with this character that I created as my savior. A demon.
She can be described as my other personality that makes me capable of anything.

First of all, I drew this in a piece of paper. My art always starts from paper and pencil.
Then I take a picture of it and draw it again with photoshop.
Finally I start creating coloring and making lots of shadows. In this way I can make my art to look more realistic.

I always tell people not to be afraid of expressing what they really feel.
If you feel sad, draw it. If you feel happy, draw it. If you feel kinda depressed, DRAW IT!
This is for me, an art therapy and it really helped me a lot.
You can actually use your pain or your happiness to create unveliebable drawings and people will reply you telling their stories too. That you are not the only one that is feeling like that in this world.

You can visit my instagram here to support me. I would be very grateful and also you can see other illustrations that you might enjoy:

Thank you so much! And not stop expressing yourself with a drawing. It´s good for you and your mental health.

Christian Brazzan Ramos

Life experience is my inspiration.
Enjoy my art!

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