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Deconstructing Characters by Enisaurus

Deconstructing Characters by Enisaurus

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November 18, 2015

All of letter Santiago Usano aka Enisaurus' life, he's been dedicated in typography but he found himself interested in illustration. The surrealism, abstract and different style, he wanted to try it for himself. So, one day, he decided to finally do some illustrations which turned into a full blown project 'Deconstructing Characters'. Now, let's see hsi project.


Well, three months ago, sort of I just was dedicated to work with typography, with letters to be more specific. Doing letterings, illustrated types, etc. I was really focus on that. But all my life I have been interested in illustration (not only in letters) and I really love the good ideas and to work the concepts from the beginning. I like the surrealism, the abstract art, pop art, etc. I felt myself with the necessity to go further, let the letters behind and to continue experimenting with different ways. One day I had the idea to make something abstract and new for myself with the Sonic's character, just for fun. This illustration opened my mind to try new things.



I spend tones of time researching on Pinterest, Behance, Instagram... and many other blogs and sites from internet, saving them for my self each project or work that inspires me. Could be just the color, or the lines, maybe just one only thing of the composition, I save it! When I start a new project I like do it without any reference in front me, just with the background I have on my mind. But step and step I’m checking my references or I loose myself on the Internet, because is necessary to make something great and different taking inspiration from other artists and illustrators.



I don’t know to describe my style, because I don’t think I have any defined style yet. I get bored very quickly, and maybe the next month I try something totally different. For example I really love the work of Karolis Strautniekas, Bruno Mangyoku or DXTR. They make AWESOME work!



WORK! Work everyday, try everything you can, start copying your favourite artists or illustrators, but just for yourself, don’t publish these projects or proofs. Step by step you must to polish this work, taking the details what you love from your idols and trying to make something different using it as inspiration, you NEVER just copy! Go beyond! And start going back, to the roots, seeing what or who is the inspiration of your idols, how they started. Everyone takes the inspiration from everyone, don’t forget that, If somebody tell you something different is a liar. And as I said before, WORK HARD, what are you doing reading this?? WORK WORK WORK.


About Enisaurus

Santiago Usano aka Enisaurus, is an illustrator and graphic designer, born and raised in Valencia (Spain) but since a year ago he's been living and working in London (UK). He really loves art, illustration and graphic design. "It’s my life, and I’m working everyday to live of this the rest of my life, that would be the happiness for me." At the moment he's working half day on a design studio and when arrive at home he work on his own stuff until late at night. Hard work and compromise with yourself. See more of his works on Behance or his website.

3 comments on “Deconstructing Characters by Enisaurus”

  1. Wow, this is a really cool concept. I never thought of thus idea before, but seeing it being translated into amazing art is awesome. Fantastic work!

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