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Sungwoo PARK
October 27, 2019
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The purpose of the mobility has changed. When we think of the old ways of moving, we used it a lot simply for moving. But these days people also use mobility in parks and leisure areas in addition to moving. This phenomenon shows that people don't just want to moving through mobility, they want to find a new value of leisure. So I propose a new mobility service specialized in leisure.

I considered how people could enjoy leisure services. After much observation, people could see that they enjoyed the environment while riding on mobility. The environments include wind, scenery, and ground conditions. So I wanted mobility to identify and customize these environments.

Conventional electric skateboards were in the form of an electric battery exposed to its appearance.
I tried to unite these external batteries with the body through the natural curve.

The most important part of designing an electric skateboard was the scale relationship between the feet and the product.
To that end, the sketch was carried out in a 1:1 size, and did a mock-up to materialize the concept after the soft mock-up.
And the computer graphic work was carried out by rhino, keyshot, and photoshop.

Most people said that my work was cool. Some people gave feedback that it would be good to even show a scenario after skateboarding. The story was a very good one. In fact, when I was working on this, I focused on showing a scenario of using a product/service. So I tried to show the app service, and I learned how to show the app service effectively.

Sungwoo PARK

- Major in Industrial Design in South Korea
- Samsung Design Membership

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