Derechos de las Mujeres (Women’s Rights)

Derechos de las mujeres (Women’s rights) is a project in collaboration with the Women’s Institute of Guadalajara city in México, looking to spread the information about the basic rights of women, like education, health, equality of salaries, sexual education and a life without violence.
This project was made with the content and concept of Laura Becerra and Graciela Sandoval (they realized the whole investigation), for an informative campaign in social networks.

This project was made for social networks like facebook, tumblr and instagram, so the format and resolution were made thinking about this (900 x 900 px, 150 dpis).
I was looking for empowering, to transmite freedom and joy for all kind of women out there, with contrast of bright colors, a simple composition for an easier lecture of the piece, and with different shapes of bodies, showing with pride our diversity.

First, i choose three aspects to communicate, in this case they were power, freedom and diversity, later i realize a short visual investigation about the subjects related with my central theme. After, i define the colors and the style of ilustration that will help me to communicate it. Then i start to doodle.
When i get it, i draw directly on Illustrator CC 2017, with my loyal wacom (a very old version), i experiment with textures and the colors and make some adjustments until I feel happy with the result.

The people react to the project in a pretty awesome way, in social media we haved a lot of traffic, and positive commentaries of women supporting our theme. I feel we really made it, i hope we can reach to more women.

Whatever you do, do it with love.

Daniela Ladancé

Mexican illustrator, feminist and art lover.