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Design-Concept Suitcase "Line"

Ilya Akinfeev
March 30, 2018
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Suitcase is designed for people from the generation of milleniums - active travelers and lovers of new technologies. Comfortable, compact, ergonomic design, a reliable casing made of composite material and an intelligent lock provide comfort and convenience when using a suitcase.

In the near future, the generation of Milleniums will make up the largest part of the able-bodied population of the earth. For rest and travel they will need a modern and convenient suitcase that meets all their requirements.

When creating my project, I first of all thought about the sensations that a person perceives as a user of a suitcase. I myself know the feeling of disappointment when I take a suitcase with me on a trip and he does not like me. Everyone knows these suitcases from the fabric, they have become obsolete long ago, but they are still used and they get wet or torn from long journeys. The "LINE" suitcase is made of carbon fiber and special resin. These composite materials will allow the suitcase to serve for a long time and reliably.

Creating a form, I expected that such a suitcase easily fit in the trunk of a car or on a shelf in an airplane. There is nothing superfluous in it, its shape is streamlined like an airplane or a car, and the wheels are easily retracted into the casing and also do not create noise since they are made of silicone. The suitcase is made in contrasting light blue tones with unpainted composite carbon inserts. I want to note that this is only one of the variants of the coloring.

In addition to external qualities, I want to pay attention to its unique features, in my project I propose to equip the suitcases with an intelligent lock. Such a lock is opened with the help of a fingerprint or code set, when trying to break the suitcase sends a message to the owner's phone number.

To create the model, I used the Solid Works program, in addition to modeling one of my tasks was a high-quality visualization of the project. In this, I was helped by the Keyshoot program, the final touches and edits I already made using the Adobe Photoshop package.

Many of my friends appreciated the project and said that they would like to have such a suitcase. Someone shared his opinion for future projects. Working on this project, I learned a lot of rewarding nuances and requirements for the transportation of baggage and cargo. It was aт interesting experience.

Ilya Akinfeev

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