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Design da alteração

Design da alteração

Victor Weiss
March 30, 2017
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Modification design is a humorous and informative Facebook page about Design, Advertising, Marketing, Social media, and any other related subjects. The briefing asked for an abstract yet humorous logo. I immediately started to explore serendipity in typographic combinations, I was sure that was the way to go!

The idea was to develop a carácter logo, with an abstract beauty to it.
It was quite a challenge to develop a symbol that could be viewed from diferente angles and keep its standards.
In vertical view, we have an abstract design, with a annoyed face in its figure.
In the horizontal view, we have the word "design".

We chose black and white for starters, it is possible that in the future we may add flat colors.

For this development I used Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
The development was in Illustrator, and the presentation was created on photoshop.
Drawing, kerning, spacing, all done with the beauty of illustrator's grids.

Why box the symbol? We can't forget the reason we are creating a logo, and in are case, it was for a Facebook page. The idea was to harmonize the logo as much as we could with the profile, cover, and posts pictures.

People really loved the project! The simplicity was really the key to conquest this market.
The Facebook page grew 3 thousand likes in one week, we've had posts with over 2000 shares, so we really believe we hit the target.

We wanted to create something people could immediately relate to, and we can see by the results it happend.

Victor Weiss

Hi, my name is Victor Weiss.

I'm a designer and an advertiser.

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