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Design & Lettering by Sindy Ethel

Design & Lettering by Sindy Ethel

Jon Paylaga
May 29, 2015

Legibility is primarily the concern of the typeface designer, to ensure that each individual character or glyph is unambiguous and distinguishable from all other characters in the font. Legibility is also in part the concern of the typographer to select a typeface with appropriate clarity of design for the intended use at the intended size. An example of a well-known design is 'Design & Lettering' by Sindy Ethel.

This is a collection of designs and lettering that I started as an excuse to practice design with letters, I wanted to create interesting and balanced layouts.

- Sindy Ethel





Some combined illustration with letters, others mix different styles of letters only, the intention is to be very experimental in each and try to use only custom letters. No vectors were used, only Adobe Photoshop. This is a project that I will be updating during 2015, stay tuned!

- Sindy Ethel





About Sindy Ethel

Sindy Ethel is a passionate interactive designer with love for typography, coming from Mexico with great lettering skills and an elegant ornamental style. She seems very fresh and joyous in this field of typography. She started working with letters 3 years ago as a complement for her everyday work at Grupo W for websites and digital campaigns. Currently she works as a freelance designer and when she's not working for brands you can find her drawing letters everywhere. You can see more of her work by visiting her Behance and Instagram.

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2 comments on “Design & Lettering by Sindy Ethel”

  1. This is really great work. I love how the letters on the sign look like something from the movie "Cocktail". Awesome stuff!

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