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Design Memphis – editorial

Design Memphis – editorial

Brando Corradini
April 16, 2020
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This editorial project is a personal tribute to the group of artists and designers who represent the greatest exponents of the postmodernist scene of the 1980s. In fact, these artists thanks to daring projects that drew inspiration from past and present design with distinctive features and the use of colors bright and geometric shapes have managed to represent art in general in an excellent and often innovative way. The founder of the group is Ettore Sottsas, while some of the members are architects and designers such as Alessandro Mendini, Andrea Branzi, Nathalie du Pasquier, Michael Graves, Hans Hollein, Arata Isozaki, Shirō Kuramata, Javier Mariscal and George Sowden, in addition to the journalist Barbara Root.

It has been a long time since I wanted to pay this tribute to those who are for me the greatest exponents of design, among these one of my favorites is Ettore Sottsass, whom I had previously paid homage to in another personal research project.
In the project I wanted to highlight the typeface more than the images and colors, which in fact are almost totally black.

The tools/software that I used in creating the project are obviously part of the Adobe package, namely InDesign and Photoshop.
In InDesign I created the various pages, using the usual and beloved grid while for post production and the various applications I used Photoshop.
First of all I choose the topic to be treated, then I look for material and inspiration and then start with the first draft. If the idea and the work proceed according to my creative ideas, I continue in the design of the elaborate and then arrive at the most valid solution.

I noticed through sharing on various social media (instagram, behance and facebook) that it was appreciated because since the moment I shared it I have had many likes and many positive feedbacks. I receive many requests and messages from colleagues who wish to start collaborations with me. This is very satisfying because it gives me the stimulus to continue and improve.

In addition to my work, which I consider a passion and a magic, my passions are different and range from fashion design to music that prevails over all, at any time and in every egg, a piece of music accompanies me, inspiring muse of my projects.
Finally, for a few months now, precisely because of my passion in fashion, together with a dear friend of mine Damiano Primiceri I started a streetwear clothing reality exclusively online and e-commerce with the brand "Nomade Clothing".

Brando Corradini

My name is Brando Corradini, I am 29 years old and I am a graphic designer.
Since my childhood my world was drawing and coloring and this passion of mine led me to undertake higher studies in the artistic field which was followed by a three-year degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communication, achieved in 2013 at the Academy of Fine Arts “RUFA " From Rome.
I consider myself completely creative but above all I am an artist.
In what I do and in what I am I always want to be free, far from any rule. I don't like certain stakes, even when I worked for companies or other companies, I felt imprisoned within certain rules.
I have traveled a lot and this has given me the opportunity to have new experiences.
For my works I draw inspiration from everything that surrounds me, from what I live, from what every day passes before my eyes, making life a wonderful muse.
Currently I have opened a streetwear clothing line "NOMADE CLOTHING" with Studio Mylab3d, by Damiano Primiceri, a dear friend of mine since the days of art school who is interested in 3D design and modeling. Today I am what I am because, over time, I realized that I didn't want to be just a graphic designer but rather a "graphic artist".
I would like to become a person known worldwide: my dream is to have a page on Wikipedia!

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