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Design Portfolio 2017 by Attila Hadnagy

Design Portfolio 2017 by Attila Hadnagy

Attila Hadnagy
March 22, 2017

I have started my design career back in 2012 and I always wanted to put together a portfolio as soon as possible to show my works to the design world and to potential clients.
This is my latest Design Portfolio what I'd put together in 2017.
It contains my carefully selected logo, branding and illustration works.
Find out more at

I'm always working on my portfolio, I like to polish it or come up with new ideas so I decided to put together the best I can this year.
I have crazy attention to details, others describe my style as simple, professional, open-minded and creative. That's how others see me as a designer and that’s how I see myself so I wanted to reflect this in my portfolio.

I used Illustrator and Photoshop, my two favorite software, I really love to use these two program.
I'm usually sketching out my ideas, that's what I did with my portfolio too. I did a plan, what goes where, in what order, after that I choosed my best works and I created a layout/mockup for the whole project so it's look like a book or magazine now.
I'm planning to print it as well when it's completely finished so it's good to see it as a book.

I shared it on many social networks like Behance, Facebook, LinkedIn. The Behance community was the most quick and responsive, they loved it and I’ve also got great feedback from my previous clients as well. What did I learn?
Always produce the best work you can and be bold.

Feel free to check back sometimes to my Behance profile to see my newest projects ?
For example I just posted the "Sun Festival 2017" logo and branding.

Attila Hadnagy

Attila is a London based multi-disciplinary graphic designer and creative, specializing in logo design, branding, and illustration.
With unique eyes and passion, Attila has 5+ years of work experience in design industry.
He has worked with clients and brands all around the world such as: Arkade, Motion Festival, Upon Smart, Sun Festival, Prpl Cash, just to name a few.

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