Design Project of the Apartment in Zagreb (50 sq.m.)

The design project was made for a young girl. The main wish was to create a space that would be comfortable to be one or a big company. The solution was to create a space transformer. Since the area of the apartment 50 sq. m. it was necessary the creation of a multifunctional space, (which has given place to a dressing room) this place was the bedroom, which, when desire is transformed into the living room.

The most important task was to create zones and transformation mechanism. It was important that this mechanism was simple and easy to use. Equally important it was that regardless of konfiguratsiipomeschenievsegda was light and airy. The main colors are gray, this neutral color has many shades to it and fit any color accents for contrast was taken by white, blue, add emphasis, wood grain make the interior warm and cozy.

The interior was designed in programs such as 3d max, sketchup, arhikad. At the beginning of the design process, the most important thing to understand the customer, to feel what he wants, what he needs the interior, if there is an understanding and communication with the client is, the rest is a simple mechanics. A very important point is the budget, I am of the opinion that you can make a cool interior to suit every budget. But it is important to know the budget and wishes to be able to set priorities in the room. And ultimately it is showing no pictures or drawings, and finished interior.

Now is the interior solution is popular in the world of a lot of small spaces that want to make the most of, so space Transformers theme is relevant, this mechanism helps to use the same room for different functions. I think it is very important to go beyond the usual understanding of space that.

Konstantin Entalecev