Designerds by German Gonzalez

Designerds is an academic project, the idea of the newspaper was to design a newspaper for the academy, for the faculty of architecture and design. Read on and enjoy!

The main idea it was to report students about the best of design, in our country, in our city, in our academy, and indeed the best of global design, to show students our mentors, the geniuses of design world, so I decided to show the newspaper as a scientific publication, so I thought that the word Nerd fits in to it a cool way.

– German Gonzalez



The greater designers, all those who have left a legacy to all the new generations, all those who have made history. So I was inspired by them to experiment, to come back to analogic techniques, to play with an scanner, scissors, and glue.

– German Gonzalez


Well, at first I need to find a funny and striking name. Then, I needed to look for interesting topics, but, how to communicate interesting things, in the same way? They were not going to look interesting, so I decided that each page was going to be a poster, create something that was going to invites people to read. When the articles were chosen, I start to print typographies, images, and then start to play with my scanner, trying to get some glitch effect. Then, start to make each poster thinking that the article should be layout in it.

– German Gonzalez


What I wanted with the creation of this newspaper, was to experiment with analogic techniques, so mainly I used printed typographies, a scanner, and I did some collage, then Adobe Photoshop to edit them, and Adobe InDesign to layout the whole newspaper. From investigation, I think this is the most important part of the creative process. I read about David Carson and Milton Glaser works, and I feel very interested about the way they created their pieces, I think the most influence was RayGun magazine. We needed to make an infographic too, so, I found a designer(d) named José Duarte, who have an interesting way to read information named The handmade visualization toolkit, that consist to give the reader (in this case) some colored stickers and they build the infographic following a simple quiz. So I thought this was a cool way to make experiments between the newspaper and the user/reader. It follows the concept of the newspaper.

– German Gonzalez


Well, i think the big challenge were to build a poster that contains an article and does not affects the readability to users. It is very important, in design sometimes we can not do what we want, we need to make, assess, and judge (and sometimes re-do)

– German Gonzalez


About German Gonzalez

German Gonzalez is a graphic designer and illustrator, from Medellín, Colombia. He is focused on digital illustration and editorial design. He considers himself a hybrid between a graphic designer and an artist-wanna be, that’s why he is very interested on the portrait industry. He likes the idea of making interdisciplinary works, specially between fashion, art and music. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile.