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Designit Doodle

Designit Doodle

Deivid Saenz
August 23, 2018

Designit is a company full of talented designers worldwide. I got to draw their smile logo in on of their office's wall in Madrid, Spain. The main shape was planned, but all doodles were improvised straight onto the wall through three days.

Every little doodle idea came from designers at all the Designit offices around the globe. This means that the complete doodle is filled with tiny local and personal stories from each one of the designers that shared doodle ideas with me.

This type of doodles are always collaborative. I let people around give me ideas to doodle directly onto the wall.

I always choose linework, dark ink against light background. This way, I can keep the focus on shape and form. Color would only add noise, turning the whole doodle into a Find Wally page (which is also kind of cool, AND, you can actually find Wally inside this doodle ? ).

I used a projector to trace the main circle and Designit's logo on the wall. Later, it was all Black Posca marker directly onto the white wall. Having no previous pencil sketch for the doodles allows me to make mistakes, making the improvised doodle much more fun and unpredictable. I always surprise myself with new characters or returning ones.

People around Designit's offices got really involved. They were happy to share ideas and personal stories. Later, when their contributions were already turned into doodles, they called other people to come look and shared the stories. It eventually became a long chain of storytelling, while I tried to represent each idea one way or the other. Some ideas or stories are unbelievably hard to represent in doodle form, so challenges are always there to spice things up!

I've doodling on paper for ages, and only recently have I adventured into large-scale doodling. Some walls inside buildings, offices, outside on the streets and even on restaurant doors. You might find these doodles in Madrid's center, so if you're nearby, stop by!

I love doing large scale, collaborative doodles in walls. I'm always looking out for ideas and for new places to doodle. If you happen to know any, let me know ?

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Deivid Saenz

Mexican designer and illustrator based in Madrid.

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