Desiring God Brand Design

Desiring God Ministry It is a ministry of youth created for the purpose of increasing God’s thirst in every heart and living a life according to His way. Today the youth seeks to fill their lives by searching for the wrong sources by taking them along a path full of consequences, which is why this ministry seeks to have every young person meet Jesus and to know the love of God “The evidence of a surrendered heart is obedience”

The concept started from the young people in their energizing characteristics to do any activity, that is why he took the idea of integrating the ray with the two initials of the name of the ministry as well as the background image that gives the sensation of incense, colors applied clearly reflect the energy of youth that complements very well with urban style resulting in a visually balanced minimalist image

For the development of the logo we used adobe illustrator to make the vector, and the whole concept of lines that gives the urban aspect, implemented geometric figures for the icon drawing and typography with brush appearance to be more aligned to the concept in general, photos, effects, mockup was used adobe photoshop, image with fire was made by a mount and effect with the gradient map tool

I enjoy this work very much because I am a believer and the idea was to transmit clearly the passion for God when each young person reaches the feet of Jesus, that is why the work has a good appreciation since it is not common to see work for this type of target and is inspiration for the design community

jesus labarca

Soy una persona creativa, con experiencia profesional en Diseño UI y UX, Diseño digital y branding, a lo largo de mi trayectoria me e involucrado en diferentes proyectos, como es la creación de marcas y logos, mi experiencia comenzó en mis años de la universidad donde me dieron la oportunidad de trabajar en la agencia (Inovo) donde obtuve la experiencia en corto tiempo como director de artes. Estas experiencias lo han llevado a perfeccionarse en su estilo de trabajo.

cambiando su horizonte dando como resultado la práctica de principios minimalista y vanguardista