DESKter sit & stand desk

‘Health’ workstation for everyone.
Smart, compact and folding furniture, which we could fold easy and place wherever we want when we don’t use it.
Desk is adapted to work in standing or sitting position at home, office, school or even in garden.
DESKter has an additional place for our stuff.
Easy to install at home because of elements that we can instal together with furniture screws.

Workstation DESKter, was the main subject of the Master’s Degree final project, proceeded by Małgorzata Wojtyczka, on the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Main inspiration for this project, was the stationary model of work in the society, and its negative consequences for our health, such as – spine deformations, obesity, hypertension. A through investigation of the topic, results in discovering the perfect working pattern. It turned out that regular switching of working position from seating, to standing and conversely, significantly reduces the chances of suffering the spinal diseases.
DESKter is designed for use in the public areas, schools, offices, and houses. It is designed for both adults, and children. The project includes the model in smaller dimensions, to perfectly fit the children’s requirements. It consists of supporting structure, and two countertops, made of bent plywood. They are available in a different sizes, we can remove them in any moment, and place in a different height, depending on our current needs. Moving the countertops, doesnt require any montage, the process is fast, and easy. DESKter is a very smart furniture, because of its assembling possibilities. When not needed any more, countertops can be placed inside the special gaps,and after assembling the rest of the desk, we can place it against the wall, and save a lot of interior space.

The desk is easy for transportation, it perfectly fits the size of a regular car. The desk is designed for a self assemblage. The choice of plywood, is the result of its durability, bending possibilities, and beautiful, wooden appearance. The elements of workstation initially was cut out on the milling machine CNC. Then this pieces was instal together with furniture screws. And so a desk was created.

People are interested and thrilled of this project so far. They are asking how it works and when I explain that they want my DESKter at home or in office seriously. It’s really nice for me as a designer. I think DESKter could help our society in reducing the diseases associated with too long sitting at work.

Short animation about DESKter

Malgorzata Wojtyczka

Graduate of the Academy of Arts and Design in Wroclaw, Poland.
She creates interiors and furniture. She loves geometric and black color everywhere ? She thinks ‘Less is more’ so she designs according to this principle.