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DiApp Diabetes Tracker by Emanuil Sheynin

DiApp Diabetes Tracker by Emanuil Sheynin

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February 7, 2016
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Emanuil Sheynin's inspirations are usually from sites and forums, but it can also be from a movie, a TV ad or a beautiful building. For this project (diApp) he would not say he had a deep inspiration :) It was a MVP project. The idea was more to find the right style for the future users.

It should be friendly looking app, something that is not reminding you every time that you are ill (diabetes). The biggest "problem" was hot to organize the data. From one side I wanted to have a nice first overview, where the use should find very fast where what to find, from the other side he should be able to go in detail and make some better analyses. I would describe my style as a "trying to keep it simple" :). Having a plan of what is important and what is not. The Ux have to have a good architecture :) which was not the case in that project, but for projects like this I don't waste a lot of time to convince the clients when I see it is just too early for that. I prefer to bring the highlight point by point in progress.
-Emanuil Sheynin

Emanuil Sheynin

I don't feel myself as experienced enough to give advice, but something I am trying is: When I have a great idea , I write it down, keep it in mind and wait for the right project to bring it in. I use the Whole packet from adobe, mostly photoshop. I also use keynote and for a project I am working right now I use also Rhino with vray rendering maschine, t-slpines.
-Emanuil Sheynin

About Emanuil Sheynin

Emanuil Sheynin is a 34 year old multidisciplinary designer from Bulgaria. He studied architecture in Kassel, Germany. He's exploring the area of graphic design for 3 years now. He have made a lot of projects building physical models, he also has a lot of experience in 3d modelling and he's learning Graphic design now with focus on UI/UX. See more of his works on Behance or his website.

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