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Digisails - Set Sail in the digital world

Digisails - Set Sail in the digital world

Gianluca Santoro
June 29, 2017
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Digisails is a brand new consulting company that focuses on assisting businesses in the digitalization of their internal and external services. Digsails's aim is to shape companies’DNA and take them step by step on the road to success in the digital world.
Companies can’t ignore the ongoing digital revolution anymore. Sailing in this new era is not an effortless task, hence the nautical metaphor: Digisails is the best solution for proceeding along the right course and not get lost in the shifting of business core.

The brief was very clear: they wanted to combine the idea of sailing with the concept of digitalization.
The tone is very professional and the logo had to be web-oriented so I chose a colour palette based on a blue gradient.
The brand identity is based on the sail's shape that will be repeated in all the materials.

I started doing a lot of research about competitors both from a business perspective that visual. Then I sketched a lot on my Moleskine until I got 5 different concepts.
I scanned the rough and I imported them on Illustrator so I looked at the proposals based on 5 factors: target, tone, creativity, market area and competitors.
I chose three logos and I show them to the client working on the construction. In particular, I use the golden ratio for the approved proposal.
After approval, I started to create the logo variations, the optical correction, the stationery and all the materials you can see.

The client was very impressed because I respect the brief, the concept and the values of their agency.
In addition, I showed the entire brand identity on Behance, Facebook and Instagram and people loved the logo concept and the produced materials.

Gianluca Santoro

Gianluca Santoro, Italian designer based in Rome.
My main activities involve brand strategy, brand and corporate identity system, and packaging design. My aim is to create a clear and functional identity, with a strong and focused concept, allowing my clients to be involved in the creative process, in order to better communicate the values of their brand or company.
I studied Graphic Design at International School of Comics, where I graduated in 2016. During my academic experience, I attended additional courses such as visual perception, photography and creative process. Moreover, I attended an intensive specialization course in Brand Design.
After working from 2014 to 2016 for two marketing and advertising agency as a graphic designer, in 2017 I started my own business as a Brand Designer freelancer.
I believe that a crucial factor in this industry is to be always updated, this is why part of my daily task include reading books and attending live and online classes related to branding, typography, and others design fields.
Travelling and discovering new places is something I love, but walking down my city remains my greatest source of inspiration. Craft beer addicted.

"There is no design without discipline. There is no discipline without intelligence."
Massimo Vignelli

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