Digital Agency by Spartak Vee

This is the website design for digital & creative agency by russian web designer Spartak Vee. Digital Agency is the concept of the main page for agency which in the future will help many existing and new creative & digital agencies to begin to present himself on the Internet space, to show to clients the works, to attract new projects in work.

In the work Spartak wanted to show the special atmosphere. He have tremblingly approached a question of hero images and backgrounds for the first contact with the user. The user has to see special approach of agency to work, special style and taste. Spartak have chosen a few primary colors and fonts for work. He would like to tell thanks to some designers for inspiration. Some works have helped to create something interesting.

– Spartak Vee

The main work was in Photoshop. For some elements, for example, icons, Spartak used Illustrator.

Everything has begun with a hand. Sketches, heap of the used sheets of paper, pencils, pens. But he think that such interesting projects stand the used paper tons 😀

– Spartak Vee

Doesn’t happen only good or only bad notes of your work. But generally the project was pleasant to many designers. The most important Spartak have solved a problem for the client and he will help it to develop. He is very glad that he have an opportunity for a demostration of the work on the different websites devoted to design. Spartak always glad to receive feedback.

– Spartak Vee

About Spartak Vee

Spartak Vee is a 22-year-old web designer from Saint Petersburg, Russia. He worked as the senior designer in some eminent russian agencies. Two years Spartak develops yourself as the freelancer, he is ready to any new and interesting projects. In design Spartak loves clear, geometry, interesting combinations of flowers and palettes, reserved qualitative fonts, ease and accuracy.