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Digital Illustration

Digital Illustration

Valentina serna
September 22, 2018
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This project is based on a legend from the amazon called "El Barco Fantasma". Is a series of illustrations showcasing the story of a boat that only appears at night and is believed to be full of "bufeos" (dolphins) that turn into men once the moon has come out.

This was a school project where we had to make a fanzine with 8 illustrations and a poster. I decided to do digital illustration as a way to challenge my self. I had never illustrated on photoshop and pretty much didn't know what it took. We where allowed to only use three colors. Having chosen red, purple and black, I decided to changed the opacity in some places so it looked less plane.

To create this project I used Photoshop and a bamboo illustration tablet.
I made a simple sketch of what I wanted the illustrations to look like on paper. Then I edited the pastel Brush to give it more texture. I tried to give it as much detail as I could with shadows and lightings.

I now love this technique, I did learn a lot while doing it.
I’m no illustrator at all but I loved the final result, it challenged me, and made me step out of my comfort zone.
Getting used to the brush and the pressure was probably the hardest part for me.

Valentina Serna

Colombian Graphic Designer.

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