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Digital illustrations collections

Digital illustrations collections

Tanya Shegol
October 29, 2021
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My collection of illustrations that I created in 2021. Unusual view of usual things. I desired to find my style in these illustrations.

I like to create interesting shapes and unusual compositions. I really love color and the search for color combinations. My goal is to make the illustrations look simple, but interesting. Therefore, I created well-thought-out shapes and used clean color combinations.

I used Affinity Designer on an iPad. Usually, it all starts with hand-drawn sketches on paper, then I create a line drawing and move on to color. At the end, I stylize the volume and add details.

I received a lot of positive comments and interest in my portfolio, new orders appeared. Some wrote about my own unusual style, that attracts attention. It inspired me to keep improving my creativity.

Tanya Shegol

email [email protected]

I’m a graphic designer and illustrator specializing in building brand identity and communication design for digital products.

Work experience 5+ years. I have collaborated with products in the fields of fintech, medical information technology and digital ads production technologies.

I have a Graphic design Magister degree, and I was a lecturer at the University at the Department of Graphic Design.

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