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"The Dream"-Illustrations

Hakim Dauda
January 15, 2019

Digital Illustrations of people who inspire me. My goal is to extract a characteristic quality of each person and apply it to overall picture to capture a unified feeling. The feeling each illustration conveys is how I sort of view them in my own twisted mind.

The ideas come naturally since its coming from my own mind. Its an interpretation of me of how I view other people. For the most part I want to keep the style and color very simple yet compelling. You'll notice that I use a collection of calm, pastel colors, its a representation of me that I want to be reflected in these illustrations as well.

The body of the work is done using ProCreate. The process starts with me finding the right image of the person I am drawing which is probably the most tedious part. By this time I've already gotten an idea of what i will be doing with the image, so searching for the right picture is crucial. After it is found I start sketching on Procreate. As Im within the process more ideas come naturally and I apply them. This is where I start experimenting, especially with backgrounds. After I am done with the illustration I transfer it to Photoshop and start adjusting colors and finishing touches.

I never know which picture people would enjoy the most as i am working on them. Sometimes I try and guess but Im never right. I will say I am starting to notice a pattern currently on the feedback based on the style. I just push myself with each piece and try to improve myself creatively.

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Hakim Dauda

Illustrator, Graphic Designer

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