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Digital Renderings 2018-2019

Digital Renderings 2018-2019

Federico Kakazu
January 4, 2019
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Digital rendering is a essential part of my design process and workflow.
This project shows a collection of sketches done in paper and rendered in photoshop. Here you will find mostly cars and vehicles, but I also do industrial design/product renderings.
Most of the work showned are part of on going personal projects.

The main idea is to showcase part of my workflow and share the process involved in digital rendering.
Digital rendering is only a fraction involved in my design process, but is widely used across the whole design process in order to share concepts or ideas fast and accurately.

Almost every sketch starts on a piece of paper, drawn using pen or pencils. I always keep it simple, no fancy or special papers, just regular printer paper. Also regular pencils and ballpoint pens.
The main tool for the digital part is photoshop and lots of layers.

There’s been great feedback about the project. I am looking forward to share more in depth content and detailed content. I always try to improve my skills and incorporate new techniques. If you want to see something in particular about my process or have any suggestions, please let me know.

Thanks for taking a look at my work.
Feel free to comment or contact me.
Take a look a my portfolio to see more great projects!

Federico Kakazu

Industrial Designer based in Argentina,

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