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DIOR FEMME NOEL Campaign 2020

DIOR FEMME NOEL Campaign 2020

Odd Bleat
February 1, 2021
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During the last days of September, Christian Dior contacted us through Nomint (our representation agency). They wanted to commission us in order to create a Christmas story. A celebrating short spot that would express DIOR’s wishes for this year’s “special” Christmas Season and present the new product collection in a unique way.

In March 2020 during the first lockdown, Christian Dior presented its latest female collection during a special event in the region of Puglia in South Italy, homeland of Maria Grazia, brand’s Executive creative director. 
“During this period, I sought to give collective efforts a new dimension. Despite the disadvantages of distance, bringing a different perspective to our daily lives has given us strength and imagination,”
says Maria Grazia Chiuri.

Italy had already been beaten by Covid-19 so in order to support Maria Grazia’s home place, DIOR created such an amazing event with references on the History of the Region of Puglia, the traditions of the place and of course the nature elements of the beautiful mediteranian climate.

This was the keystone that we used to create our story! 

We also used Puglia for our main inspiration by exploring all the incredible spirits, taste legends and traditions of the region. We, as Greeks, found all those incredible elements so familiar and magical that inspired us a lot.

We imagined the little spot as a journey from the past to the presence, from history to magic, from legends to fairytales, from Puglia to Dior’s Maison in Paris and from there to the world.
We used as references, the traditional houses of the region of Puglia, Tarantela and pizzica traditions, spiders and magical deers, mythology through Minerva Goddess, nature through Mediterranean olive trees. ​​​​​​​

Based on the research and references above, we started sketching and storyboarding in order to make the proper compositions based on the storyline, and in order to decide which product will be presented in each scene and how the camera will move between the scenes. 
Also in this part we started exploring the proper music that would match the visuals and the overall feeling. We started exploring and listening to tarantella, pizzica and all these incredible music from South Italy.

Next step was to design all the elements and create the compositions. The design and illustrations use the line art based on the Luminaire lights, from traditional installations of South Italy.

Colorful lights create unique compositions that glow on the black background, giving a Christmassy mood but also combining folk and traditional illustrations with a more contemporary illustration perspective. We also designed the products to match the illustration style of our compositions.

The response from the viewers was great! For this reason, we were asked to extend all the design elements that came up from the main spot, and create many libraries with elements.
We then combined them with the actual products or used them as decorative elements. All this universe expanded and reached all Dior’s social media platforms, as well as Dior’s Main site.
We created more than 50 videos and loops and more that 150 images of different products and formats for the women’s and the baby’s campaign, creating a big and solid identity.

If you wish to see more in depth details as well as the main video, please have a look at the following link.

Odd Bleat

Odd Bleat is an animation and motion design studio, currently based in Greece.

With a strong focus on creating exciting concepts and different universes, we love directing and animating stories with elegant characters and colourful, clean and vibrant illustrations.

We also love collaborating and chatting with new people, sunny days and playing our traditional instruments.

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