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Jefferson Trinidad
October 2, 2019

I had the idea to create a photography project based in the inspiration of many film and director that I look up. Using the natural light, specifically taking advantage of the gold hours in a cloudy day. The art direction for the model consisted in dressing as woman of the XIX centurys just like the time, picking location that simulate the peasant life of back then. Soft make up and old camera lenses to create the atmosphere.

The idea was inspired by different films such as Barry Lyndon (1975 by Stanley Kubrick), The Kubrick's photography has been one of the most important inspirations that I've had, his work with the natural light in photography is wonderful, other films as Lincolnby Steven Spilberg, The Beguiled (2017) by Sofia Coppola and the great photography direction, ROMA by Alfonso Cuarón and another more. I got two vintage lenses to create the atmosphere of this fine art, the Canon FD 50mm and the Helios 40-2 85mm.

How I've explained before, the magic of the vintage lenses, just natural light and developing raw software as CaptureOne and Photoshop. But remember the most important thing in your art or communication project should be THE IDEA, not the tools that you use, the tools are only to support your idea.

People love the project, taking a look to the social media comment is enough to know how people respond positively to the idea. Because is something that they are not use to see. When you work with natural light you have to be fast, precise, and always be in focus, because the temperature and direction of the light always be in move, taking out you of the best you have.

Remember the most important thing is the idea.

Jefferson Trinidad

Publicist, Graphic Designer and photographer by passion.
Im from Santo Domingo'DR; I started in visual communication studying Degree in Advertising at UASD in Dominican Republic, although since I was a child, I always remember myself with a pencil in hand drawing; even today I do it as a hobby. I specialized in Creative Direction and Direction of Art in Brother Santo Domingo, the gratest creative wordwide school.

My work is simplistic and geometric, influenced by the style of the Bauhaus; my speech is classic and emotional at the same time. I'm convinced that Ideas change the world and make advertising something sensitive. I'm obsessed with black and white and music, I' m a fan of African-American music such as Jazz, Soul, Blues, Deep House and HipHop. I'm collector analog music according pocket :), music is a huge source of ideas and creativity. I learned to design and
photograph for love, but to work for money to reach my
goals . I think freedom is the door to creativity, the more free you are, the more creative your works will be.

I've worked for brands such as Dupuy Barceló, National Council of Free Zones and Dominican Export, Amadita Laboratories, Popular Paintings, Mason Vitamins, Dominican Remax, among others.

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