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Dippo, the evolutionary cradle

Dippo, the evolutionary cradle

Santiago Sevillano
January 7, 2019
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Nansa is inspired by the typical fishing traps of the Albufera, a natural park near Valencia. The purpose of this project is to give the collection a markedly mediterranean character that transports one into the beautiful sunsets on the Albufera piers, where you can feel the outdoor in a different way. This collection of outdoor furniture designed by Santiago Sevillano Studio for the firm Musola, includes chair, coffee table, sofas and cushions.

The goal of our approach was to present a project based on the iconic Valencian culture. We proposed an Outdoor Mediterranean concept that casted it eyes on the Albufera.
There is an interesting contraption called "nasa", oftenly used by fishers in this lagoon. It is a passive fishing net, which has a cylinder shape that narrows and is conformed by rigid circular rods that line the structure. The idea inspired us and the concept emerged: "embrace the person as the nasa embraces the fish".
Because of that, the name of the project evolved into Nansa, and we designed an open aluminum structure that contained the cushions as if it was a net containing fish. This way we obtained a comfortable but light and airy seating.
The colours used in this project were chosen because they were different with respect to other outdoor designs, and they were easily distinguishable from any other typologies.

We used a variety of 3D and 2D programs, but it is impossible to name just one, because each studio partner has their own work process and at the end of the day our designs are a collaboration of may people with many techniques.
It happens the same when we talk about how Nansa was made. This is not a linear process. It is quite complicated to explain because there are a lot of changes as time progresses, and we go back and forward again and again as if it was rather a circular process.

Very positively. People were pleasantly surprised since Nansa was presented in Milan, and other manufacturers have congratulated us for the project because it contributes to the market.
I learned not to believe what people say to you, but to trust in the project and in my ideas once they are developed.

Everything evolves, including furniture, but we can not forget our past. Sixty years ago we used rattan chairs for Inout, and I base my design lines on that, on the movement of air and lightness.

Santiago Sevillano

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