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Divanger | New identity

Divanger | New identity

Mike Voropaev
October 21, 2016
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Divanger is a furniture brand that was founded in 2013. Divanger collection features sofas and chairs in a modern style. Designers from Russia, Germany and Italy was involved in creation of Divanger furniture. They put the spirit and lifestyle of Europe in the design of each model. Many options make Divanger furniture comfortable and practical to use. And thanks to the modular system of some models, a large choice of colors and textures of materials, you can create your unique sofa.

The main challenge was to refresh brand identity without losing recognition of the already established brand and at the same time branding should reflect its philosophy – modern style, individual approach and advanced technology.

Previous Divanger logo has "chubby" and blurred silhouettes. The new logo has a strict shape, while maintaining recognition.

To enhance the uniqueness and brand recognition, I created a pattern from a strict geometric elements reflecting the modern minimalistic style without superfluous details. A large number of unique patterns can be produced out of the pattern elements.

Adobe CC : Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, InDesign — for graphics and printing materials. Also Marvelous Designer (cloth simulation), Autodesk 3DsMax (scene composing) and Corona Renderer (rendering) for scarves.
All photos made with Canon 60D and Nikon D5200 and plastic matte background.

My customer was very-very happy with this project ?
For presentation I decided to make some real photos, not using mockups. It was a new experience for me, working with all these cameras and backgrounds.

I hope you like this project!

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