DKnight Big Magicbox

This is a Bluetooth speaker that i bought like one year and i love how good the sound is and thats the reason i decided to do this product in 3D and change a little bit some materials and textures.

I only recreate my personal wireless speaker called DKnight Big Magic Box that sounds incredible for price that have but i have some renders when i change all the materials of the original version of the speaker and looks great!

i used Maya 2016 to model the speaker and Keyshot 7 to rendered it. First i take a picture of the buttons, second i start to model all. Then, i start to put the materials of the speaker and configure it, then i started to configure all the materials, lights, etc.

So many people that see the render think that is a picture so for me that is too important because that is the principal objective for me when i start to render something and with this proyect i start to use Keyshot and now i love it.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Hi! Im a student of Digital Animation and i love to do photorealism render of products that i have or i want and of interiors.