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DMK brand identity

DMK brand identity

Alaa choichnia
August 21, 2018
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DMK is a club that will be established in high schools and other institutes, the goal is to popularize the use of social networks on a professional level through a series of workshops, meetings and training that will give students an expertise in Digital Marketing, essential today for their career.
target audience: students 18-30 ans
Values to convey: young - education
Objective of the club to be present in all university

My branding projects always start with pencil and paper for brainstorming .
after that sketching – it’s the most natural way for me to start.
I spend a lot of time on paper and then I go to the computer for finishing.

After I have a good result, I start with adobe illustrator
selecting a good typo, finding the right colors, and chose the right mark.
Then I use Adobe Photoshop to create or edit the mock ups.
final work was completed after 1 month and week because I create also identity guidelines

In this project, as in all work, I think that the 80% of the success depends on the capacity to understand the customers need, analyzing all the aspects of the company and the remaining 20% is about technique and execution.
The customer was surprised by the result.
the successful outcome made me very happy.

Happy to hear your thoughts about this concept!
project on behance :

alaa choichnia

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