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Dog Sketches 2018

Dog Sketches 2018

Sonia Wojas
December 2, 2018
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I like to draw dogs, especially my dog. His name is Apis, and he always requires my attention. My dog often knocks on the window glass so that I can go out to him because he feels lonely. He likes to stay nearby but he does not necessarily like to be constantly stroked. So I spend a lot of time just watching him. One day I decided to draw him. In the beginning, he did not like it but then he probably got used to it because, t the sight of my sketchbook, he lay down and then he changed his position every minute while sleeping

The fact that my dog ​changes position every minute, made me start to treat it as a drawing challenge to focus on catching the proportions, light or any other element that interested me. In the beginning, he did not like it and ran away to a place where I certainly would not be able to see it. Then he got used to it, and at the sight of a pencil and a sketchbook he lays down and begins to "pose".
My dog ​​is a born model.

I treated this as an introductory task for further my projects so I used what I had at hand: pencils, pens, etc. Sometimes I would outline the entire character of the dog first and then focus on refining the detail that interested me in it or starting with drawing a detail / part of a pose that interested me and then I determined the rest of the character.

And I must admit, I was able to draw more quickly thanks to him. However, my friends have always asked me to draw a dog on a piece of paper, in a notebook or on hand. That's why I decided to share my dogs.

Sonia Wojas

I am a student at the Stage Design department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. I am interested in set design, costume design, animation and illustration. Big dog lover.
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